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NSI Customer Service

At NSI we are committed to offering our customers the very best service. Our mission is to provide a service which continually meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

As part of this philosophy we aim to continually review our service based on the following principles.


NSI has always invested in the latest technology to make sure we continue to offer the most cost effective solution to our customers needs. This investment means our customers benefit knowing we are at the forefront of modern technology which enables NSI to produce the most cost effective parts within the industry.


Our employees are what drives our business forward. We continually look at ways of improving their knowledge and skills by offering the latest internal and external training courses. Our robust quality management system means our employees know what is expected of them and through continuous improvement it means NSI have a team capable of meeting our goals of complete customer satisfaction.


NSI has recently introduced a state of the art production system. This enables all of our services to be constantly monitored on a live basis giving us up to date information regarding the status of your orders. From capacity/utilisation charts for individual workplaces to machine efficiency rates we can continually monitor our performance. This means we can measure our performance on a daily basis and make sure we constantly meet our delivery performance requirements from our customers.


NSI is committed to our quality goals and objectives for the buisness.We continually monitor our quality performance via our management system and our philosophy of continuous improvement. This pursuit of excellence and our constant monitoring of our processes enables NSI to provide manufactured parts to the highest standards in our industry.