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As part of our culture of continual investment in the latest technology, the NSI group have purchased the latest Faro arm inspection equipment.

This gives us the ability to provide inspection reports as stand alone items or part of a full PPAP submission.

From simple folded brackets to complex metal assemblies to 5-axis body sides, this equipment gives us the ability to quickly and accurately measure parts to nominal and verify our processes before batch production starts.

The equipment includes a laser scanner which enables us to create three dimensional surfaces from master samples, “ reverse engineering”. This can then be used to laser cut or fabricate new parts which are a replica of the master sample provided.

From trend analysis over periods of time to process repeatability, this versatile and accurate equipment enables NSI to verify the quality of our manufactured products to our customers, which is an important part of our ongoing philosophy of complete customer satisfaction.

Being portable we are also able to take the equipment straight to the area where 1st off parts are being produced within our facility if required.