Tube Laser Cutting

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NSI Group was the first in the UK to use the Trumpf tubematic laser machine for specialising in the process of cutting round, oval, square and rectangular tubes.

The machine is capable of taking random lengths of raw material up to 6.5 metres in length and then laser processing to your requirements. The CNC controlled machine even works out the optimal utilisation of the material based on the size of parts required for processing, saving money and offering the most cost effective solution per length of material.

From mild steel up to 5mm thick to stainless steel and aluminium, this machine has the capability of cutting various complex shapes, cut-outs and sizes. Using the advanced TrueTops tube software we can create programs for complex parts easily and also make mitre cuts that once processed, the part can be manipulated into the correct angle ready for welding, not only improving the accuracy but also saving time and money.

The machine with its auto loading cell can process 4 ton of raw material at a time and is ideal for high volume mass production offering a high degree of accuracy. With our lean manufacturing approach, high speed cutting and efficient production techniques we can offer our customers a low cost option to this specialised process.

The machine is also at home producing bespoke parts for architectural projects and product development enabling rapid processing from design to manufacture.